Web Technology and Consulting Services

Our Mission:

To provide easy, high-tech, and affordable Web Technologies and Tailored Support for Small to Medium Businesses, whether For-Profit, or Non-Profit.

Without the hassle of price barriers.

Web Consulting

We will help you get the best price and service on anything Web-Related. Whether you need a Website, Web App (CRM, Inventory Management Module, etc), eCommerce, Web Hosting, and much more! We have knowledgeable people on our team who are ready to assist you!
Did you know that most Web Host Providers overcharge you? Did you know they also throttle your speeds too to make you upgrade?
Avoid this with us, let us take care of your Web Planning.

Best part?
Consulting is completely 100% free!

Web Design

Web Design

We also do our own Web Design! We are always doing our best to provide the best value to your business. And the best look too of course! Just ask our clients! We work with you to create your dream Website. Thanks to our proven results in Design, we have a very high success ratio!

SEO is also included!
We can make your website shine on the first page of any Search Engine!

Web Hosting

We strive to give our clients the best rate for Web Hosting, quit overpaying for Hosting Fees, throttled speeds, and old software and hardware. Let us introduce you to faster speeds, low-cost rates, and the best technology.

Constantly experiencing Outages and Slow Downs?
Let’s fix that.

Web Hosting
Business Development


We will build your brand new business with you so you can start making profits, and you will own 100% of your business assets we develop.

Services we provide with this program include:

  • Brand Identity including Business Name, Logo Design, Brand Colours, and Brand Image.
  • Mission Statement, and Business Plan.
  • We will set you up with a Domain and a Website with us for One Month free. (After One Months, we will discuss how much your pricing will be monthly or yearly on a Web Hosting Contract. Contact us for more details.)
  • Business Advertisement: We partner with different Business Support Groups (Such as Marketers and Business Directories) to provide you with powerful marketing.
  • We can help you find and research Loans and Grants so you can grow your revenue early.

For other Services we offer, check out our Full Service List!

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